Scotto's Wine Cellar

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Throwing a bridal shower can be a challenge in terms of what direction you want to go in and activities! The best part of having a bridal shower is attending it. A great way to spend a bridal shower is tasting wine. There are a lot of great wine tasting locations located around New York City that can not only accommodate a shower but offer a new element to a traditional party. Classic establishments offer wine tasting that can teach you more about the flavor and heritage of wine while also hosting a rehearsal dinner or bridal shower no problem! It's a win win situation that celebrates an occasion and involves drinking and learning more about fine wine. What's not to love?

So if you're sending out bridal shower invitations or bachelorette party invitations make sure you include the location, date and time of the wine tasting event so people don't miss it! They'll be impressed that you went with wine tasting for an event. Most people have never participated in one! Scotto's Wine Cellar is located on 318 Court Street in Brooklyn has not only a great selection of wine but a knowledgeable and helpful friendly staff that puts on wine tastings often. It's a fun place to go with the girls and have a great evening you'll remember for years to come. Enjoy the laid back atmosphere and the air of people who not only know wine but love it. From food pairings to the region to how to properly drink wine, you'll leave the night knowing your stuff and with a decent buzz among you and your girlfriends!

As one of the oldest liquor stores in the history of the state of New York, Scotto's has been helping its customers find the right wine for the right price and occasion for generations. Their wine tastings are informative and constantly changing so that you never have the same tasting twice! Scotto's Wine Cellar has some of the best wines available in Carroll Gardens and maybe the state, making it the perfect destination for a shower party. The owner has a vast knowledge about wines and is really passionate about knowing his wines which shows when he introduces wine to and works with patrons and visitors. Best of all, the store has a wide variety of wine available for the buying in a number of price ranges, so if you like a certain bottle of the party wants to take home souvenirs, there are many available! Make your bridal shower a night to remember.

City Winery

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You wedding day isn’t just about the actual big day, it also involves all of the fun parties that lead up to it. This is one of the reasons why rehearsal dinner invitations are so important. You need to make your rehearsal dinner as memorable as possible. If you happen to live in New York City, then wine tasting can be an intimate and elegant affair for your rehearsal dinner. 

You can choose to host wine tastings in various types of venues, some of which include:


This is one of the obvious choices for hosting wine tastings in NYC. Most restaurants tend to have their own fine wine collections and they come equipped with glassware, chairs, tables, and food. You can choose to go with an upscale or casual restaurant depending on your preference. With right wine producers, you can pick a cuisine that will highlight the wines’ strengths. 


Bars are always a solid option; it all depends on the kind of atmosphere you are looking for. For your rehearsal dinner, you can have the settings designed to serve wine and find the right spot to highlight the strengths of the various brands. Some bars tend to affiliate themselves with a particular wine brand in order to draw in more attention. 

In addition, wine tastings can take place in almost any type of setting. If you prefer your rehearsal to have more intimate tastings, they you can opt for a loft, gallery, studio or meeting room. If you decide to go with a space other than a bar or restaurant, then you will have to make sure that you coordinate with the particular venue and wine vendor so that all the licensing details for serving alcohol at your event are catered to. You also have to pay special attention to the atmosphere of the rehearsal dinner as it will help to promote the overall personality and brand of the wine producers.

New York City has a wide range of wine stores that do a terrific job at catering to wine tasting events. Making your rehearsal dinner fun and memorable is very important for any future couple. Wine tasting is fun, elegant and relatively affordable. Some of the notable wine tasting locations in NYC include:

City Winery

This is a wine production facility located in Manhattan. Guests have the option of making their wine using grapes sourced from different places, including New York. In addition, you can also dine in wine-focused, classy restaurant. 

So make your rehearsal dinner as memorable as possible with fine wine tasting. It will be something fun and classy that you will always remember even after your big day.